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Introduction of members and guests -11:00 am, 1st September 2013

People Present Maarten Dumisani Douglas (user: Discott) David Isla Andy Rabagliati (wizzy) David "Robert" Lewis (user: Ethnopunk) Alan Levin joins (11:17am) (alan@isoc.org.za)

Review and approval of agenda

Approval of previous meeting minutes http://wikimedia.org.za/wiki/11-08-13-Minutes and http://wikimedia.org.za/wiki/2012-09-01-Minutes Additional minutes: http://wikimedia.org.za/wiki/2012-11-17-Minutes

Meeting has a quorum

Dumisani proposed approval of previous AGM minutes. Isla: seconds the proposal Douglas: votes aye Andy: votes to abstain David: Votes aye Maarten approves David Lewis aye


Africa Centre & Wikimedia ZA: nature of relationship Perspective: In 2012 - had written MOU, which has now lapsed as of Dec 2012. Not yet been renewed or discussed. Discuss Isla's role: at last board meeting, it was proposed that Isla be put forward as a potential WMZA director, along with Bobby Shabangu. Dumisani would like some discussion of her proposed role. Isla: Wearing two hats: passion for WM movement as well as work with The Africa Centre (TAC) has an Africa-wide agenda and supports the work on the African continent. WMZA has a national agenda, but is in a position to assess new groups across africa. WikiAfrica is an international collaboration along with Universities and other orgs which work to create content on Africa: aligned with WMZA. TAC was managing money for WMZA, which helps build confidence with WMF. Good to update / recreate MOU. It is recorded that Isla abstains from voting on MOU with TAC but not barred from other votes. Alan: Chairman of Internet Society Of SA, and founding member of ISOC (Membership fees initially up to 1999... from 2000 platinum memberships sold therefore not purely civil society any more: controlled by industry.). - includes IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) Also .org registry main source of income Similar goals (e.g. openness, interoperability) - do not want to be controlled by industry, and we have strong industry players in SA. Similar structures, so Alan can share experiences on national, regional, global levels. Can easily spend lots of effort on money, but money will come if the project is well planned. Talk about what you're going to do and things will go well. Suggested that WikiAfrica should have a representative on WMZA and potentially other regional boards. Isla: let's support each other, have formal alliances with aligned organisations. Alan: Let's co-market each other's events. David: WMZA could market ISOC events on social media pages - can really only use Geonotices in Wikipedia for WMZA-specific work. (Isla: Aren't there limitations on this?) (Douglas: Yes but there are two types, 1) Dedicated editors and target specific areas using ISP address. Not very effective. 2) Set up by an administrator on Meta, can be to countries but not more specific. this one is effective. Would be useful if WMZA can have an admnistrator on Meta. Douglas discussing with Jon who might move down to ZA for setting up geo notices.) Content has to be wiki specific. For info: since this morning there's a geonotice for WLM Isla: Propose a vote to create formal alliances with like minded organizations (Commons ZA, OEZA) through MOU. Maarten: Can organisations become member of WM ZA? Or "people only"? Orgs can join as per 4.4.5. This is a membership, other types of collaboration are possible, eg. the proposed joint marketing, joint financial mngmt, ... Can be arranged by MoU, email, minute point (depending on importance) Could be managed by a specific member of WMZA to provide continuity.

State of Wikimedia 2013 Banking situation: David: We have an updated list of directors which has duplicates. (Dumi: Please upload on Google drive under Legals) Problem: Lourie still added (3 times...). New request will cost us R750 through Snijder & Ass. Dumi: Suggested a discussion on performance of S&S. David: Are alternatives? Douglas and Isla says there are. ISOC isn't an NPO, it's a voluntary association. Only responsible to members, not registered as a company. (Well, still gets support by WMF, so also responsible with them) Isla and Douglas to find an alternative (accountant) to handle these matters. An accountant might prove more efficient. David: Made inquiries and David and Dumi to go to the bank on monday. Addititonal beneficiaries can be added soon after. David to be temporary signatory until next reapplication. Maarten suggests Credit card and other ways of payments like PayPal. Isla: Approvals need to happen faster. Need responses in reasonable time. Maarten: related: http://wikimedia.org.za/wiki/Code_of_discipline_for_directors Approval system to be corrected (Above 15,000 R -> Above 5,000 R), otherwise not logic (Resource Limit Is Reached) Under 1,000 ZAR: BOARD MEMBER. Administrative support by (deputy) TREASURER1 Under 10,000 ZAR: REQUESTER + other BOARD MEMBER + (deputy) TREASURER 10,000 ZAR or more: BOARD approval OSF-funding Douglas: Grant application can be found at: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:WM_ZA/2013_OSF_bridging_funding We have a capcity constraint, and OSF was willing to help. Plan is to employ 1 person [time, budget?] One director to manage this person; hold them accountable, train and integrate into WMZA. OSF sent Douglas a mail in Aug - R200k grant (half what we applied for) if we raise matching R200k Douglas has been in contact with OSF and WMF. Draft is finished, needs feedback. Douglas will circulate the draft in tiers; Source of funding Open Society Foundation. Comment from Alan: Foundation for Internet Development, funded by previous .co.za domain admins. FID hasn't had strong leadership, and the money is eroding quickly now. Needs new leadership, and WMZA can help. Established by ISOC, ISPs of ZA, and WAPA and [who?] Orgs and put BBBEE credits into FID, We can disconnect ourselves from organisational interference that way. ISOC would support us if we applied for community grant from [whom?] Put trips, AGM, etc, into this document. [Wiki-indaba] Funding staff members, funders don't like this much due to HR issues - e.g. ISPA is outsourced to Future Foundation (ff.co.za) Isla: Maybe they could work at TAC? WAPA have outsourced their management to ellipsis (internet lawyers) - ellipsis also does the outsourced management for some organisations. Would OSF be happy with this? Might be some concerns from OSF, WMF, etc. Might be possible to rent out some of the person's time to ISOC as well. GAC vs FDC - Project grants vs programme grant (annual). GAC doesn't pay for staff. After a few successful projects, we'll be able to apply for FDC funding. Douglas request that all board members to look at the grant application today and comment. Then to collaborate with the GAC to get a response.

Updates from Wikimania 2013 Meetings with African Wikimedians Constructive discussions post Global South Strategy: Sub-Saharan Africa not a priority Strong support from other African Wikimedians to respond to this. 10 African countries represented at Wikimania Constructive discussions with WMF role players in terms of what can be done. WikiIndaba discussions Strong support for Wikimania Cape Town 2015 (including London bid member) Fundraising Presentations: Activating Africa Panel Joburgpedia presentation Wikipedia Zero discussion and film (by Victor): huge emotional connection with Wikimania attendees.

Expanding membership/connecting with Wikipedians Banners: Geonotice & meta.banner Mailing list isn't enough. It is important: 'the money is in the list' but not in terms of local membership. Use banners more often. Do trial run during September to advertise meetups. Use banner for Stellenbosch event next Sunday. WC Heritage: use libraries for WLM uploads Use for everyday events: Douglas knows how now. WLM is being generally advertised via banner ads, and in ZA, it links to our website. Maarten: Tried to reach Afrikaans Wikimedians on http://af.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Geselshoekie - not much interest in the WC region. Facebook and mailing list are useful; people are used to that channel, and we are very approachable (more then on a wiki) Can't rely on technology to reach everyone: can miss a whole group of people that way. Iberocoop might have some lessons for us, as might India. Can we post banners to readers, not just editors, on other languages? Bobby might also have some ideas on our communications strategy. Radio interviews (Thanks Dumisani!) Activate universities! Find the editors in universities! Isla has a UCT student card. Find contacts in other universities: UNW, UCT, UWC, Wits! Whoever! Isla and Douglas to work on this but additional help very welcome. Departments of African Languages at universities. Isla will ask an intern to create a database of contacts. TAC did a project in 2012 with UCT's Center for African Studies and the Center for the Archive. Including writing WP article as coursework. It's also a source of natural editors. We need a Strategy Session (get a professional strategist) see if WMF program can also assist. Inter-chapter initiatives (training, etc.)

Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 Prizes Additional R2,000: additonal prizes or increase existing prizes A prize for best nomination of new monument. Heritage Western Cape Commitment from HWC to be gotten in writing. They have the MOU, but have not yet confirmed. Will discuss this evening. Voulchers: Cameria SA vs Orbis Social development: Nominate a Monument as part of Social Development drive? Use triple zero, or "new" when uploading non-SAHRA registered sites Nominations to be shared with SAHRA, they will check if it canbe added as new monument David created nominate@wikilovesmonuments.co.za Events Western Cape Other provinces Maarten to ask Peter to organise the KZN. Send a call out for organisers on facebook.

Events/projects for 2013/2014 WikiIndaba Setting a Global South™ agenda for Africa Flights in Africa are (really) overpriced. Expenses compared very favourably with Wikimedia Conference ("Chapters conference") - our cost was about half, for the same number of people for the same number of days. So not an issue of cost, just a question of whether we have a mandate from African Wikimedians. Collecting signups from across Africa. Andy was not aware of WikiIndaba. Problem is how to connect to potential attendees. We need to make it easy for people to sign up to WMZA mailing list Need to re-submit by the end of Sept, with as many community members listed as possible. Wikimania 2015 Bid application & theme: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2015_bids/Cape_Town Call for organising team Next steps ICC booked Wesgro assisting with sourcing of sponsorship and letters of recomendation Dumisani to follow up with Nhlanhla on letters of recommendations from DoE and DAC. Follow up on visa assistance nationally. Bridging divides, socio-economics, anthropology, innovation. expanding wikipedia and expanding content. JoburgpediA Organise remainder of event after WLM 2013 Ask WMUK to fund difference in cost on plaques drive installation of remainder of plaques CapediA GLAM African Language Wikis WLM 2014: Wikimania 2014: Africa agenda Make Africa part of the program and not assigned to the separate track. Also to create a bit of a 'show' aound Africa : Africa Party? South Africa House? Africans doing charity work for The Poor of London? Activating our diaspora? Create a project for Afri-thon - a two day edit-a-thon for content relating to Africa harnessing the diaspora; existing or potential new editors. Douglas is happy to talk to the London organisers.

Election of 2013/2014 Wikimedia ZA directors Nominations: Dumisani re-nominated as president by Douglas Seconded by Isla; no disapprovals: so decided. David re-nominated as secretary and director. Isla seconds; no disapprovals; so decided. Maarten re-nominated as director: David nominates Maarten as International liason Dumisani seconds this.; no disapprovals; so decided. Douglas nominated by Dumisani as head of projects Maarten seconds; no disapprovals; so decided. Douglas accepts nomination David nominates Isla as a director. National liaison and community activation. (details TBC) Maarten seconds; no disapprovals; so decided. Dumisani nominates Bobby Shabangu as director and media liaison. David seconds; no disapprovals; so decided. David to contact Mohau to request clarification around his commitment. The Wikimedia ZA Chapter.

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