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[edit] Attending

  • Dumisani Ndubane
  • Douglas Scott
  • David Richfield

[edit] Review and approval of agenda


[edit] Approval of previous meeting minutes (23-05-25-BoardMeeting)


[edit] State of Wikimedia ZA

  • WikiIndaba postoned to Feb 2014.
  • WLM 2013 on track.
  • The board intends to bid for Wikimania to be held in Cape Town in 2015.
  • Joburgpedia pilot approaching close-out stages; awaiting mayoral vote for expansion.
  • Normalisation of legal status still in progress (negotiations with ex board members and Auditworks still in progress).
  • Audit is required: auditors need trial balance. Issue raised to board for comment.

[edit] Nominations of directors to fill board vacancies

  • Dumisani nominates Bobby Shabangu. Seconded by David. Dumisani to contact Bobby.
  • Solicit for more directors among editing community.

[edit] Update on Directors registrations (CIPRO)

  • New documentation required after discussion with Auditworks.
  • Document to be circulated for signatures by David.
  • Resignation letters of Ian and Charlene are still required according to Auditworks as individually signed minutes are apparently not sufficient. In progress.
  • Douglas to find a second opinion on this matter.
  • Current Wikimedia ZA directors should open a new bank account as soon as possible to enable us to continue our operation in the interim: It is resolved that Dumisani Ndubane and Douglas Scott shall open a bank account in the name of the chapter.

[edit] Projects and Outreach for 2013

See above.

[edit] Next Meeting

Date to be arranged on the mailing list.

[edit] Signatures

Board member Signature Date
Dumisani Ndubane 12 August 2013
Douglas Scott 12 August 2013
David Richfield 12 August 2013
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