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The Morden Convocation

The meeting that was planned for the 17th October did not materialise due to availability issues with board members. Maarten proposed to hold the meeting in the Lourensford Estate, Somerset-West, Cape Town, on Saturday 27 October at 9h30. This is during the "Kamers vol Geskenke" on that farm. This meeting has been moved to the 17th November to coincide with The Awards function for Wiki Loves monuments. This is a planning page for the meeting.


Meeting Planner

  • Date: 17 November 2012
  • Time: 13h00pm to 15h00pm
  • Venue: Premier Hotel


1. Introduction of members and guests

2. Review and approval of agenda

3. Approval of previous meeting minutes

3. Quality Management
3.1 Filling System review and adoption
3.2 Membership Management

4. Legal issue and Chapter Setup
4.1 Company registration update feed back
4.2 Public Benefit Organization registration
4.3 VAT and Tax exemption registration

5. 2013 Annual Plan 5.1 Office Setup planning
5.2 Human resource planning
5.3 Funding mechanisms planning
5.4 Resolution

5. Wiki Loves monuments Report 5.1 Financial report
5.2 Review of completion and report writting planning
5.3 2013 Planning Committee set up

6. 2014 Wikimania Bid Planning

7. 2013 Chapter Calendar Planning

8. Items arising
8.1 Webpages servers migration
8.2 Management.

9. Next Meeting




Recorded and ratified minutes of this meeting can be found 'here.

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