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JoburgpediA Plaques go Live!!

Wikimedia South Africa is proud to announce that after some protracted difficulties with delivery and installation, the first six plaques of the JoburgpediA pilot project have been installed and are live!!. The picture below shows one of the JoburgpediA plaques next to the Johannesburg Heritage Blue plaque in Orland West Public library.

Orland West Library. Joburgpedia and Blue plaques

The six plaques installed include the following buildings:

  1. Orlando West Public Library
  2. Orlando Stadium
  3. Rahima Moosa House
  4. Satyagraha House (Ghandi House)
  5. James Mpanza House
  6. Meadowlands High School

Please see our project page to stay in touch and up to date with the activities of thei project Joburgpedia Project page.

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