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  • Dumisani: President
  • David: General Secretary
  • Lourie: Treasurer
  • Maarten: International Liaison Officer
  • Mohau: Project Liason Officer
  • Douglas: Public Relations

Active directors

Maarten Deneckere

Summary Details
  • Name: Maarten Deneckere
  • Location: Cape Town / Belgium
  • Languages: Dutch, French, English, Afrikaans
  • Wikipedian since: 2005
  • Active wikis: nl (fr, en, af)
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement I am Maarten, a Belgian expat based in Cape Town. I moved to South Africa at the end of 2011.

I have been an editor since 2005, mainly on the Dutch Wikipedia. In Belgium and the Netherlands I organised multiple events, including last year's WLM competition in Belgium, and during my stay I'm trying to do the same in South Africa. I went to two Wikimania conference where I was a presentor.

I am currently working on the Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 project. Other goals in South Africa are the development of the smaller language wikis.

Douglas Scott

Summary Details
  • Name: Douglas Scott
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Afrikaans
  • Wikipedian since: 2006
  • Active wikis: en
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement I am a Capetonian and have been editor on English Wikipedia since 2006. I currently work for the Safety Lab incubated out of the Cape Town Partnership in Cape Town where I am a research associate. Since attending Wikimania 2011 in Haifa I have been more deeply involved in organising and participating in Wiki related events. In late 2011 I attended a number of events organised by Wikimedia UK in London such as the Ice Age GLAM project with the British Museum. In early 2012 I organised a series of workshops for Xhosa language academics and translators to increase awareness and promote participation in editing Xhosa language Wikipedia. Xhosa language Wikipedia is a project I would like to continue promoting. I am also interested in Cape Town hosting Wikimania in the future and in cultavating GLAM events and relationships with Libraries, Galleries, Archives and Museums in the Western Cape.

I am currently assisting in the Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 project.

Dumisani Ndubane

Summary Details
  • Name: Dumisani Ndubane
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Languages: English, Xitsonga
  • Wikipedian since: 2008
  • Active wikis: en-wv; ts-we
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement My name is Dumisani Ndubane, I have been a wikipedian since 2008. I'm involved in Xitsonga Wikipedia and occasionally in English Wikipedia. I am involved in the organisation of wiki Loves monuments for South Africa. I am an Electrical Engineer by proffesion. The fore going has enabled me a priveledge to work closely with some of the existing board members and ex-board members. I believe that the exposure and experience I have on wiki projects, combined with my project management skills can be somewhat useful to the Wikimedia-za chapter.

David Richfield

Summary Details
  • Name: David Richfield
  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Languages: English, Afrikaans, German, a bit of Russian and Xhosa.
  • Wikipedian since: 2005
  • Active wikis: English Wikipedia, Wiktionary
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement I'm a chemical engineer with a master's degree in Biochemistry, currently working in R&D for Kraft South Africa.

With the continued scramble for ownership of information by corporations and individuals, it takes continued effort on the part of ordinary citizens to provide free, open alternatives. This effort need not be onerous, and can be fun and educational, but it is important to involve a large number of people from diverse backgrounds. I am often saddened by the lack of awareness of free software and documentation: lack of awareness of the availability of such sources, as well as lack of awareness of the principles underlying them. I want to work to remedy that in South Africa.

Lourie Pieterse

Summary Details
Lourie Pieterse
  • Name: Lourie Pieterse
  • Location: Stellenbosch
  • Languages: Afrikaans, English.
  • Wikipedian since: October 2008.
  • Active wikis: Currently none.
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement I am currently a student at the University of Stellenbosch studying physics. I’ve been involved at the Wikimedia Foundation, mainly participating in community related affairs. At a later stadium I also became a Toolserver developer. From the beginning of 2010 I stopped contributing to the projects, both as editor and software developer. I stopped because my other projects take up to much of my time, not because I didn’t like participating in these projects.

Currently I am working with my university to incorporate the Wikimedia projects in the course curricula. The main idea is to get students to contribute to the Wikimedia projects both as part as their course and to motivate them to also do so in their free time. I am additionally working on a project to motivate students to be innovative and develop patentable technologies. I am also a part-time researcher for our physics department. My research focuses mainly on propulsion and positioning methods for satellites. Additionally I focus on electrospray techniques and the nanotechnology which could be developed from them. In my free time I do science related projects, such as competing in the Google X Prize with a European team.

Mohau Monaledi

Summary Details
  • Name: Mohau Monaledi
  • Location: Pretoria
  • Languages: English, Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, Sesotho, Zulu
  • Wikipedian since: June 2006
  • Active wikis: English Wikipedia, Northern Sotho
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement I'm a Software Developer working for an IT Company in Johannesburg. My interests besides software design are Music and helping to make Wikipedia an accessible reality in African languages.

Past directors

Charlene Foster

Summary Details
  • Name: Charlene Foster
  • Location: '
  • Languages: '
  • Wikipedian since: '
  • Active wikis: '
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement I was introduced to the prospect of participating in establishing a Wikimedia chapter in South Africa by Nhlanhla Mabaso during extensive discussions to establish an online community to continue the work of a children and youth project called “Lets take care of the Planet, initiated by the Brazillian Departments of Education and Environment to create further awareness of activities and initiatives by young people (internationally) with the support of their respective governments, NGO’s and communities focused on environment and culture as a tool for cohesion and change.

I am managing partner and founder of Afrastocracy , a consultancy focused on broadbased development through knowledge work, new media and technology. We are a next generation, collaborative consultancy with a global network and varied expertise. I am a visionary pioneer, using a diversity of tools, incorporating both personal and business skills, such as; consulting, management, leadership, research, negotiation, coordination and development qualities, which enables me to network in a cross spectrum of circles and easily identify and merge the right mix of people and concepts effectively. I primarily focus on developing ways of optimizing human-capital and growth potential. I am able to motivate and inspire individuals to realizing their true nature and full potential.

Ultimately, I offer over twenty years of experience in strategic planning, project origination and management, logistics, protocol, (political and other) business and people management, marketing, and an established network of bi-lateral business and organizational exchanges within South Africa and Internationally. I presently reside in Johannesburg and am the mother of two sons.

Ian Gilfillan

Summary Details
  • Name: Ian Gilfillan
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Languages: English, Afrikaans, a smattering of a few others I'd be too embarrassed to list
  • Wikipedian since: February 2003
  • Active wikis: English Wikipedia, Afrikaans Wikipedia, rarely active on wikibooks, wiktionary, wikiquote
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement I'm director and a founding member of the Ethical Co-op, a co-operative supplying organic and ethical produce around Cape Town and countrywide. Previously (prior to 2005) I was head of IT at Independent Online. I still run my own IT consulting company, although now I'm concentrating fulltime on the Ethical Co-op. I have an open source IT background, working for a startup that tried to sell Linux PC's (in 1997!) and writing the first online grocery store in the country in 1997/98, and I wrote a book on MySQL, the open source database, in 2003. I've got qualifications in English and Philosophy as well as IT.

We learn the most from self-study, and I'm inspired by experts who've been too impatient to wait x years for a piece of paper, and who learnt for themselves, not to impress others. I enjoy seeing how Wikimedia challenges those who rely on their credentials to win an argument, and seeing how merit, with patience, can win out.

I've been highly passionate about Wikimedia since I first came across it - the dream of everyone being able to access the world's knowledge in their own language had resonated strongly with me since a book I'd read by Ursula Le Guin years before. The English Wikipedia is great, but I'm more excited by the Swahili Wikipedia, and have blogged often about the African language Wikimedia projects.

I'm particularly interested in helping develop the Wikipedias in the various South African languages, and content on local history, literature and humanities, which is in an appalling state.

You can read more about me on my blog.

Kerryn McKay

Summary Details
  • Name: Kerryn Mckay
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Languages: English
  • Wikipedian since: 2010
  • Active wikis: none
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement I am a director of the South African non-profit organisation The African Commons Project which org has the mandate to empower local communities through digital technologies. I am committed to open content; knowledge sharing and collaboration knowledge creation. Our organisation, working with global org iCommons, has been involved with Wikipedia since 2007 when we invited Jimmy Wales to come here for the SA Free Culture Tour along with Lawrence Lessig, one of the founders of Creative Commons.

Although not an active content contributor to the Wikimedia projects, I am an avid consumer. My experience lies in building and faciilitating partnerships, conducting projects around open content and event coordination and digital documentation.

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