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Board of Trustees

Douglas Scott - President

Summary Details
  • Name: Douglas Scott
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Afrikaans
  • Wikipedian since: 2006
  • Active wikis: Wikipedia (en)
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement Douglas has been an editor on English language Wikipedia since 2006. Whilst studying for his masters in Economic Development policy in Beijing, China from 2007 to 2010 he became a very active editor contributing to South African and Chinese topic articles on Wikipedia. He first became involved in organising grassroots activities after attending his first Wikimania in 2011 and participating in a number of events organised by Wikimedia UK whilst living in London such as the Ice Age GLAM project with the British Museum.

Once he returned from London he joined the newly formed South African chapter of Wikimedia. In 2012 Douglas helped organised Wikimedia South Africa's first large event, the South African component of Wiki Loves Monuments, the largest photographic competition in the world. Since then he as organised the 2013 and 2014 Wiki Loves Monuments competitions, oversaw the professionlisation of the chapter by hiring its first full-time employee, organised a number of edit-a-thons, and most recently the Wiki From Above photographic competition. He is always interested in projects that encourage more people to edit Wikipedia and contribute to Wikimedia Commons.

He currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa and in his day job works in technology and crime reduction.

Dumisani Ndubane

Summary Details
  • Name: Dumisani Ndubane
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Languages: English, Xitsonga
  • Wikipedian since: 2008
  • Active wikis: en-wv; ts-we
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement My name is Dumisani Ndubane, I have been a Wikipedian since 2008. I'm involved in the Xitsonga Wikipedia and occasionally in the English Wikipedia. I am involved in the organisation of Wiki Loves Monuments for South Africa and Joburgpedia.

I am an Electrical Engineer by profession. The foregoing has given me the priveledge to work closely with some of the existing board members and ex-board members. I believe that the exposure and experience I have on Wiki projects, combined with my project management skills can be somewhat useful to the Wikimedia-ZA chapter. My passion is in the development of small language Wikis and attraction and retention of Editors in these wikis. I also have interest in GLAM activities within the Archives environment and hope to foster lasting ties between Wikimedia ZA and the National Archives and other heritage bodies.

Pria Chetty

Summary Details
  • Name: Pria Chetty
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Languages: '
  • Wikipedian since: 2014
  • Active wikis: Wikipedia (en)
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement Pria has over 10 years experience as a technology law and policy advisor to public and private sector organisations, developing country governments and international organisations. In 2007, Pria founded a leading South African technology law firm which was acquired by Pricewaterhouse Coopers in 2011. Following the acquisition, Pria was responsible for establishing and heading the technology legal and regulatory service area for the PwC national advisory practice. She left PwC in 2013 and went on to serve as an expert consultant on an ITU project focusing on technical assistance in the area of cybersecurity law and policy for Southern African countries.

As a thought leader, Pria has presented at local and international technology conferences including conferences in Egypt, Canada, Senegal and Namibia and published in local and international newspapers, magazines, and journals. She has also published book chapters examining emerging technology law and policy topics with particular emphasis on recommendations for developing countries. Pria currently serves as a member of regional and international expert groups and advisory boards including the BRICS Cybersecurity Expert Group and the Southern African Innovation Network and is an Associate at the Global Cybersecurity Centre at Oxford University.

Pria is passionate about facilitating technology law and policy that enables ICT opportunities in Africa.

Bobby Shabangu

Summary Details
  • Name: Bobby Shabangu
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Languages: English, Afrikaans, siSwati, Bahasa ,Tshwana ,still learning German and Arabic
  • Wikipedian since: 2011
  • Active wikis: en and ss
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement I am from Johannesburg. Things that are close to my heart are history, visual arts, language, heritage, culture, music and politics. I'm presently the Wikipedian in Residence for the Joburgpedia project. In a nutshell I'm responsible for digitizing archived documents and pictures from the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation. This to me is important because it means that I am bridging the gap between the past, the present and the future, It means that I don't only see change happening, but that i'm being part of the change, and it also means that I'm participating actively in the direction the change is taking. Digitizing documents makes them more accessible, generates interest for a collection, and helps preserve the originals. Be the change that you want to see in the world, Mahatma Gandhi.

Deon Steyn

Summary Details
  • Name: Deon Steyn
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Languages: Afrikaans, English, German
  • Wikipedian since: 2009
  • Active wikis: af, en, de
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement Deon is a professional technologist specialising in telecommunication. His passion is to contribute technical articles to the Afrikaans Wikipedia for use by students.

Administrative Support

Theresa Hume

Summary Details
  • Name: Theresa Hume
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Languages: English, Afrikaans
  • Wikipedian since: 2013
  • Active wikis: en and af
  • Board member since: {{{board dates}}}
Statement I joined the WMZA team at the end of 2013 as Administrator for the Chapter and am passionate about promoting all the Wiki's. My specific focus for this coming year is expanding the Afrikaans Wikipedia.
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