Code of Discipline for Members

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Flights, Accomodation

Members will insure that everybody travelling on WM ZA business will adhere to the WMF Travel Policy.

General Code of Conduct

Members will adhere to the WMF Code of Conduct Policy:

  1. Treat other people with respect
  2. Respect confidentiality
  3. Protect Foundation property
  4. Maintain accurate, honest and complete books and records
  5. Represent the best interests of the Foundation

Payment Requests

Inform a Board Member if you want to the organisation to refund made costs.

Approval has to be found before committing to the costs. So please do not wait until the flight is booked, the computer station have been installed and the invoices comes in. Do it BEFORE you give them final go. Of course this allows for exeptions, eg. missing your flight.

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