Code of discipline for directors

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Approve costs

Approval tree

I would propose something like:

  • Under 1000 ZAR: BOARD MEMBER. Administrative support by SECRETARY1
  • Under 5,000 ZAR: REQUESTER + other BOARD MEMBER + SECRETARYthree members have to approve this, this will be the requester and the (deputy) secretary
  • Above 25,000 ZAR: majority BOARD approval

Important: approval has to be found before commiting to the costs. So please do not wait until the flight is booked, the computer station have been installed and the invoices comes in. Do it BEFORE you give them final go. Of course this allows for exeptions, eg. the missing your flight.

Approval procedure

Send the request to the WM ZA board mailing list. Approvals are added as "reply to all".

Flights, accomodation

Board members adhere to the WMF travel policy

General code of conduct

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1This is due to the approval system from the bank account with Absa

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