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Project Phases Index
Phase Period Description
1 Jan - Aug 2013 JHB to Soweto Pilot
2 Jan - Aug 2014 JHB Inner City
3 Jan - Aug 2015 JHB Skyline
4 Jan - Aug 2016 Jozi Townships

Project Implementation
The JoburgpediA project will be implemented in Three phases during 2013 and 2016. the proposed phases are shown in the timeline table to the right. This proposal is neighther final nor exhaustive and indeed should be updated as time passes by. The sections below are a template of implementation strategy that is Proposed when implementing QRcoding projects in and around Joburg.

Phase 1: JHB to Soweto Pilot

This phase will include selection of ten buildings in and around Johannesburg to be used as pilot, the upload of basic metadata and low resolution images to new or existing Wikipedia Articles (English), Installation of QR code ceramic/metallic plates next to Blue Plaques and editathons and translation rallies. It has been suggested by the City of Johannesburg that this first phase, tail the sequence of new sites being plaqued in JHB and culminating in the Mooki street June 16 route.The details of the phases are as follows:

Phase 1: Selection and endorsement

The first phase of this project entails project inception and conceptualisation. Due to the nature and scale of the project, all affected stakeholders (WM-ZA, Blue Plaques and City of Jo'burg) must finalise the scale, all necessary endorsements and legal agreements on technicalities of the project upfront.

Phase 2: Sourcing of Metadata

James to investigate possibility of JHF (and other bodies) to donate minimum meta data on these sites. This meta data can include:

  • Low resolution image of site
  • Site description
  • Date of construction
  • Architect name and company
  • Cultural significance

The basic premise is that Organizations would be willing to part with basic non-sensitive information and articles would then direct traffic to their portals for detailed information and high resolution images.

Phase 3: Installation of QR Code tiles

Once meta data has been donated and uploaded on wikipedia and commons, QR Code images must be created of the articles in Wikipedia created or enhanced from donated metadata. An external company will have to be employed for the manufacture and installation of the cream plaques with corresponding QR codes.

Phase 4: Content creation

The final phase of the project will involve content creation/enhancement and translation to small languages wikis through a series of Editathons and translation rallies. The idea is to ensure wider coverage of the pilot project preferably in all south African wikis. project evaluations and reporting will naturaly follow at the completion of the project.

Project Timeline

Item Activity Date Status
Phase 1 Selection and endorsement Jan - Feb Symbol wait.svg Doing...
1 Project Conception meeting with James Ball 21-Dec-2012 Yes check.svg Done
2 Chapter endorsement in board meeting 12-Jan-2013 Yes check.svg Done
3 Issue call for participation amongst wikimedians around JHB 13-Jan-2013 Symbol wait.svg Doing...
4 Project partners follow up meeting to finalise all necessary endorsements 19-Jan-2013 Yes check.svg Done
5 Finalise agreement details on donation of meta data between CoJ; JHF and WM-ZA 26-Jan-2013
6 Finalise list of buildings for implementation 26-Jan-2013
Phase 2 Sourcing of Metadata Feb - Mar
1 Create and submit grant request to WMF/WM-ZA Feb-2013
2 Begin sourcing batch upload of basic metadata and low res photos from JHF Feb-2013
3 Populate QRCodes for selected buildings on Wikipedia Feb-2013
Phase 3 Installation of QR Code tiles March
1 Hire company to produce cream plaques for selected sites Mar-2013
Phase 4 Content creation April - Jun
1 Organise editathon 1 around JoburgpediA April-2013
2 Organise editathon 2 around JoburgpediA April-2013
3 Organise translation Rally around JoburgpediA May-2013
4 Write and submit report on pilot project Jun-2013
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