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===Wiki Loves Monuments 2014===
==Wiki Loves Monuments 2014==
[[File:MLM-2012-ZA.png|thumb|Wiki Loves Monuments]]
[[File:MLM-2012-ZA.png|thumb|Wiki Loves Monuments]]

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[edit] Wiki Loves Monuments 2014

Wiki Loves Monuments

A big 'thank you' to everyone who participated in this year's Wiki Loves Monuments!

This year 4,013 photographs were submitted by 94 participants totalling 15,078.8 megabytes in South Africa alone. This is a great response and we are very thankful to every participant for contributing their photographs which can now be used to illustrate these monuments on Wikipedia.

In terms of activity by number of photographs submitted, South Africa was the 14th most active country participating in Wiki Loves Monuments internationally. This is a great improvement from 17th place in 2013.

Now its time for the judges to get to work and select our winners!

Internationally a total of 238,678 photographs were submitted by 7,433 participants contributing a total of 969,883.9 megabytes.

To view the photographs submitted, please visit WLM ZA Submissions

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