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Research Invitation - Bilingual English/isiXhosa Speakers

UCT Upper Campus

UCT invites all bilingual English/isiXhosa speakers to participate in a competitive online game to translate South African Wikipedia articles from English into isiXhosa. Participation is entirely voluntary and all identifying information will be kept confidential. There is no financial remuneration for participating.

To register for the game please click here to complete the registration form. After registering you can begin translating content and ranking other user translations immediately.

You will compete with other participants on translation score and can view your ranking on the leaderboard. Translate and rank more to beat the other participants to the top. The game is not limited to UCT students. Anyone with conversational language skills in both English and isiXhosa may participate.

If you have any questions or concerns about this study, please feel free to contact Sean Packham at pcksea001@myuct.ac.za. I am UCT MSc student in the Department of Computer Science being supervised by Prof. Hussein Suleman. This study has been approved by the Faculty of Science Ethics Committee at The University of Cape Town (ref no: FSREC 055–2014).

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