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(Wiki from Above Workshops)
(Wiki from Above Workshops)
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All of the above workshops will be held at the [ Twenty Fifty Clubhouse], [ 8 Spin Street, Cape Town].
All of the above workshops will be held at the [ Twenty Fifty Clubhouse], [ 8 Spin Street, Cape Town].
Please contact [ The Administrator] for more information.
Please contact [ The Administrator] for more information.

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Wiki from Above 2015

Wiki From Above is a aerial photographic and video media competition for Wikipedia.

Wikimedia ZA has joined forces with FPV Fest SA to help encourage people to contribute aerial video and photographic content to Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia.

The focus of this project is to increase the quality and quantity of aerial photographs and video media of important public landmarks and scenery in Africa. Participants are encouraged to also edit Wikipedia by adding their pictures, or media to relevant Wikipedia pages.


Date of Competition

1 March - 30 April 2015


Wiki from Above Facebook page
Wiki From Above 2015 Category on Commons
Competition page on FPV Fest

Over R10,000 worth of Prizes

Prize categories include:

  • Best VIDEO
  • Best PHOTO
  • Best Use on Wikipedia

The 'Best Use on Wikipedia' prize will be awarded for the best use of a submitted photograph or video on a Wikipedia page. This is judged by:

  • the relevancy of the submitted media to the page's topic
  • how much the submitted media improves the overall quality of the Wikipedia page
  • additional information given about the image on both Wikimedia Commons, and the Wikipedia page
  • any additional edits to the Wikipedia page that are judged to greatly enhance its overall quality
  • the number of other pages the submitted media can be used on

Wiki from Above Workshops

We will be hosting two workshops during the course of the competition.

Join us to learn how to submit content for the competition.

25 March 2015

Time : 18:30 - 19:30

11 April 2015

Time  : 10:00 - 11:00

25 April 2015

Time  : 10:00 - 11:00

All of the above workshops will be held at the Twenty Fifty Clubhouse, 8 Spin Street, Cape Town.


Please contact The Administrator for more information.

Awards/FPV Fest

Prizes will be awarded at the FPV Fest that will take place on 3 May 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa.


Photographs and video can be taken from on top of mountains, tall buildings (above 10 floors), aeroplanes, drones, hot-air-balloons, helicopters, or any other type of flying craft.
All submitted images and video content must comply with South African privacy and aeronautical laws and regulations.
All content is donated to Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons License so it can be freely used on Wikipedia and by the general public.
When submitting a video it must be submitted as a ".ogg" or ".ogv" or ".webm" format.
Participants are encouraged to submit video media that is less than 2 min in length, and does not contain any captains within the video itself. We want to be able to use the media on other language Wikipedia pages.
Media with no audio or original audio is encouraged, please do not add music to the clips.
Photographs that are very small (less than 1 megabyte) and/or that have a watermark will be penalised during the judging process. Participants are encouraged to upload images in their original size (the larger the better). Watermarked photographs are discouraged.

What should I shoot?

Photographs and videos of the following are most desired for use on Wikipedia:

  • Towns, Neighbourhoods and Settlements
  • Beaches & Parks
  • Monuments
  • Mountains, Valleys and Natural Landmarks
  • Important/Notable events

What pages should I edit?

You can edit any pages on Wikipedia.

How to enter

All entries will need to be submitted to Wikimedia Commons under the category tag "WFA 2015". See below for more detailed directions. Please feel free to contact Wikimedia ZA if you have any other questions.

Step 1

Step 2

Click the "Upload File" option on the left hand side of the screen under "Participate" on the Wikimedia Commons website. Then select the images you want to upload.

Step 3

Submit file in the following formats (if a video):

  • .ogg
  • .ogv
  • .webm

Due to complex intellectual property rights issues, Wikimedia Commons can not accept video content submitted in any other format. A helpful 'how to' guide on how to convert video media into these formats can be found here on Wikimedia or here if you are using VLC Media Player. It is suggested that you upload video content one video at a time.

If you are submitting a photograph, simply select the photographs you want to upload. It is suggested that you upload no more than ten photographs at a time.

Step 4

Select the Creative Commons license you want to donate your photograph/video under. The default license is CC-BY-SA which means that people must cite you as the author, and must share your media in the same way you have shared it with the world.

Step 5

Write a description about the submitted photograph/video. The more information given the better. Please add categories that it might fall under such as "Table Mountain" if it is an image or video of Table Mountain.

Step 6

Very important: please add the category "WFA 2015". If you do not enter this category we will have no way of knowing if or what you are submitting to the competition. Once you have done that then click "Next" to finish.
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