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This is my user page here. I wont be spending much time here more than what is necessary to achieve my goals in other wiki projects. If you are interested in who I am, please see one or all of the following user pages I keep.

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Dumi at Wikimedia Chapters conference in Milan 2013

Hello, my Name is Dumisani Ndubane. I was the Chairperson of the Wikimedia South Africa chapter (2014 - 2015). I enjoy strategic planning for the chapter as well as running impact projects in the country but more actively in Joburg.

So if you have ideas you want to try out or are simply interested in picking my brain (Whatever is left of it), drop me a line on my talk page and I will oblige.

Some things that occupy my mind every now and then:

  1. Wikimedia ZA bylaws and Constitution
  2. Wikimedia Policies
  3. Paid v/s Volunteer work for Wikimedia Project analysis... (Unfortunately Jimbo's quotation has been removed)
  4. WM Switzerland - Draft Project guidelines policy, I believe this is a must for every Wikimedia chapter
  5. Follow me on the following Wikis

Apparently there are some videos of myself on the Wabbly Wabbly Wabbly (Internet). Take a look here:

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