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Wikimedia South Africa Board meeting 2021-02-23 19:00




  * Bobby Shabangu
  * Coenraad Loubser
  • Deon Steyn
  • Douglas Scott
  • Rossouw van Rooyen
  • Nobandu Modise
  • Michael Graaf


  • Wynand vd Walt
  • Delight Ngonidzashe


Previous minutes

Administration role filled

Shupai Mchuchu has been awarded the administrator contract. Introduction to board.

WMF Board of Trustees Amendments Short history recap by Douglas Board Discussion Michael Graaf supports an element of geographical quota Nobantu reiterates importance of board members to having a keen awareness of Africa's issues - expansion of board is supported if it will improve this awareness substantially. Deon notes that board impact is not seen/felt by local editors. Coenraad notes that WMF serves a global community: diversification - in the form of better felt interventions and representation - of board is mandatory - and fears that an expansion will not bring this automatically; also notes that as a local board we can do more to empower the WMF board to bring change that will help the communities we serve yearn for. Also, geographical representation will come as result of community representation. Bobby notes that as a small regional board same criticisms apply to us - we can leave by example. Consensus on support for community representation but not on geographic representation. Douglas notes that community is averse to categorisation

Summary points

To the questions:

  • Do we support the reservation of geographical represenation?:
  • Consensus seems to be on community representation. No vote taken. At least two members are against it. At least three members are for it.
  • Do we want to see a strong majority of the board of trustees are community members?
  • There is a consensus that we want to see a strong majority of the WMF board of trustees being community members
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