Board Meeting 29 June 2021

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== Moleskin Foundation: Afrocuration project and WiR. ==
== Moleskin Foundation: Afrocuration project and WiR. ==

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29 June 2021

Agenda items:


Proposal from Code for Africa to support their Wiki Mali community support project.

preporations for Wikimedia ZA AGM in September and start work on the 2020/21 end of year report

Update on Shupai’s condition and onboarding to start working again.

Moleskin Foundation presentation to the board on Afrocuration

In attendance:

Michael Graaf Bobby Shabangu Rossouw Van Rooyen Papa Baiden ( Moleskin) Kirsty from Moleskin Nobantu Modise Delight Chipunza Douglas Scott Coenraad Loubser



Moleskin Foundation: Afrocuration project and WiR.

Papa was joined by Kirsty from Moleskin Foundation to talk about Afrocuration project: South African acitivity and support from the Chapter Several African projects are currently running across the AFrican contintent through and this includes, Morroco, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbambwe There are 5 events that are taking place within South Africa and Constitution Hill is the partner focusing on youth. 2nd Partner is African Leadership Academy. (ALA) : they are working with very young enterpreneurs, Moleskin will provide us with time schedule to support the Afrocuration project in South Africa. Wikimedian in Residence: Selection process is still underway, there are 17 strong applicants. Efforts in Mozambique: WikimediaZA to send Mozambiquan contact to enabled support in Mozambique.

Shupai's update

Shupai is showing signs of improvement, She has been discharged from hospital and currently sees a physiotherapist to help restore her mobility again. She asked to take on low key tasks which will be part of her training to assist with her restoration. She was asked to send a letter pointing out a list of tasks which she can do, these included: organising meetings and taking minutes. She will only do tasks that require typing but not outreach where she would have to interact with partners or community. Shupai asked for a bed table to enable her sit on bed while working The board supported purchasing of a bed table for Shupai.

Code for Africa Wiki Mali support

Code for Africa an organisation that supports journalism and open data is applying for funding from Google to support Wiki Mali UG and are asking for WikimediaZA's endorsement. Decision: Endorsement letter was approved. WikimediaZA to review the endorsement letter, make changes and send back to them.

Preparations for Wikimedia ZA AGM

It was agreed by the meeting that preparations for AGM needs to start now for the meeting to be hosted in September and start work on the 2020/21 end of year report. Meeting was adjourned and the next meeting will take place on 13 July.

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