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The chapter has been formed as a Section 21 Company under South African law. The relevant articles are here:

The discussion around these documents was held on the relevant talk page. Most of the comments were moved to the archive to allow for easier reading.


Proposed Timeline

Activity Time Responsible Status
Decide on a legal structure. Done Tobias to report back. Yes check.svg Done
Draft the constitution with input from local Wikipedians. 2 months Administration team. Please see the relevant page. Yes check.svg Done
Send constitution to WMF and discussion process leading to final approval. 2 months Administration team and TACP. Yes check.svg Done
Appoint/agree/vote for directors. 2 to 4 weeks Members. See Directors Yes check.svg Done
Register the Chapter locally. 2 months The African Commons Project. Yes check.svg Done
Develop Wiki presence. 2 to 4 weeks Administration team and TACP. Yes check.svg Done
Public launch. Planning 2 months (planning can commence during registration) Still to be decided. Yes check.svg Done

Wits Workshop 2010

All the information regarding the Wits Workshop of 2010 is moved to the following page: Wits_Workshop.

Wikimania 2012 Bid

Charlene, Kerryn, Ian, Lourie and David put together a bid to host Wikimania 2012 in Stellenbosch. The bid page is located here: Stellenbosch. The bid process was instructive, but we were beaten by an excellent bid by Washington DC.

Regional conference

Let's look at the feasibility for hosting a regional Wiki conference. Following the South African team's almost-successful bid for Wikimania 2012, it might be a great idea to put that thinking towards hosting a regional conference in 2012 so that it builds momentum and consolidation on the African continent - where there are pockets of people working who don't necessarily know one another. See the following page for a more detailed discussion: Wikimedia South Africa/Regional conference.


  • The process has stopped and stalled a few times before, but began again in earnest in May 2010, with assistance from Achal Prabhala, who helped with a similar process in India, Nhlanhla Mabaso and the African Commons Project.
  • A workshop was held at Wits on August 7 and 8 2010, resulting in the initial timeline, and much of the draft vision, purpose and possible initiatives.
  • The administrative team held a meeting on 15 January 2012 to discuss the way forward. The minutes are located here: AdminMeeting1.

Jan 2011 Press release

David created a draft press release for the 10th birthday celebrations. Please take a look and make suggestions: Jan 2011 press release draft.



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