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Volume 1
17 September 2021

This is the first newsletter that Wikimedia South Africa has prepared. These newsletters are intended to keep the community of Wiki volunteers updated on events important to the Wiki movement in South Africa and relevant to the South African chapter.


WMZA Annual General Meeting

WikimediaZA will be hosting its annual general meeting on 25 September 2021. The annual general meeting will be a virtual meeting. We are encouraging all our volunteers to come and join us at this meeting, where you will get to witness what the WMZA Chapter has been doing, find out more ways you can contribute to the chapter, and celebrate the chapter’s achievements

Event page on Wikipedia: (note: registration is necessary)

Date: Saturday, 25 Saturday 2021
Start time: 10:00 AM SAST
Intermission: 13.00 PM SAST
End Time: 16:00 PM SAST
Location: Online Meeting
Register here:

Wikimania 13-17 August

Wikimania 2021 - Building 6 - Open space.png

The sixteenth Wikimedia conference was an entirely virtual event organized by a diverse group of global volunteers. The event was largely organized by the South East Asian and Oceana Wikimedia community as last year’s event, which was to be hosted in Thailand, was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of Wikipedia, and celebrations are ongoing, Wikimania 2021's theme was years of Wikipedia. It looked back at our history and celebrated our future. Wikimania 2021 was a community-led event, supported by the Foundation, and led by the Wikimania Steering Committee.

This year a total of seven Wikimedians of the Year were announced by Jimmy Wales. You can watch that announcement on YouTube here, you can also read interviews with each of the incredible winners in this series on Diff, and watch videos of the moments. The Wikimedian of the Year award recognizes exceptional volunteers who embody the mission of the @Wikimedia movement. If you missed Wikimania or any sessions at @Wikimania, don't worry! Watch recordings from here:

Digify Africa and Wikimedia ZA Workshop/Writing Competition

WikimediaZA partnered up with Digify Africa and ran some edit work-shops as well as a writing competition. The project geared up with some edit workshops (edit-thons) run by Bobby Shabangu. The writing competition was a continuation of edit-thons participants chose articles to edit and were evaluated according to most words contributed, Article links to other Wikipedia articleThe article cover African subject Categorization The writing competition ended on 13 August 2021 and three winners were announced and the writing competition winners were announced who was

  • Boikanyo Thamae
  • Desiree Makhombothi
  • Nosipho Mtshali

We say congratulations to them and hope they continue and enjoy adding to free knowledge

Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustee Elections

The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees oversees the Wikimedia Foundation's operations. Community trustees and appointed trustees make up the Board of Trustees. Each trustee serves a three-year term. The Wikimedia community has the opportunity to vote for community trustees. Four candidates selected by the community will join the Board of Trustees. Wikimedia is a global movement and seeks candidates from the broader community. Ideal candidates align with the Wikimedia mission and are thoughtful, respectful, and community-oriented. The Board would like to find perspectives and voices that are under-represented and essential for our movement.

It is that time again when new candidates need to be elected to the board of trustees. The board of trustees elections is currently open for eligible community members to cast their votes for their suitable candidates. Voting closed on 31 August 2021

We are happy to announce that one of our own Douglas Ian Scott who sits as a board member in the Wikimedia ZA chapter is running as an eligible candidate. To learn more about Douglas Ian Scott Here

12 South African Meet-Up

The South African community will be hosting their monthly meet-up held regularly on the last Saturday of every month. No meetup will be held this month (September) as the Wikimedia South Africa Annual General Meeting is taking place instead.

The 12th meet-up will be held on the 30th of October 2021. Below are the details for joining the 12th online South African/Cape Town community meetup. If you have any questions about Wikipedia, the community, what's going on generally, or just want to hang out you are welcome to join and participate.

Date: Saturday, 30 October 2021
Start time: 10:00 AM SAST
End Time: 12:00 PM SAST
Location: Online Meeting
Link to join:
(note: registration is necessary)

Please note that it is a text chat-based event.

All we ask is that everyone please note and respects Wikipedia's friendly space policy:

Volunteer Engagement

Wikimedia projects are made by volunteers. Editors contribute new articles and improve current articles. Developers write and debug the code that makes the wikis go. Galleries, libraries, archives, and museums share their collections and expertise. All of us have the knowledge to share. Here’s how to join our global community.

Volunteers can

  • Join the Wikimedia South Africa chapter and:
  • Get involved as a Wikipedia editor; consider editing a South African language version of Wikipedia such as Afrikaans, isiXhosa, or isiZulu.
  • Join or plan an edit-a-thon
  • Find your local Wikimedia community
  • Upload images to Commons
  • Galleries, libraries, archives, and museum

We are looking forward to having as many African editors contributing to our WMZA chapter with their knowledge with the aim of growing the African Wikipedia

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