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Wikimedia South Africa proposes in 2013 a budget of R ##### to support a number of small projects (Small Project Support or SPS) that fit within the objectives of Wikimedia South Africa. The Board invites both members and others involved in the Wikimedia projects to submit projects.



No project is too small

Proposals for small projects must meet a number of conditions to be eligible for funding:

  • The objective of the small project must fall within the objectives of Wikimedia South Africa
  • The proposals are made by a person or persons who are demonstrably involved in the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation within the South African languages (including related languages ​​and dialects)
  • The proposal includes a description of the project, a schedule, a budget, the names of the persons who will carry out the project, and a rough estimate of the time commitment of these individuals.
  • All communication is in English.
  • The support is capped on R1,500 for projects in English and R2,000 for projects in other languages. The difference allows for the translation of the project details into English.


Support Request

Interested parties can contact us via for questions, or send a request directly.

Subsequently, the Board shall decide on the granting of the subsidy and communicate the decision within 4 weeks to the requester(s) of the small project. The board shall, if necessary, help with the implementation of the project.

The persons carrying out the project report regularly on progress.


Upon completion of the project the results are communicated with the board of Wikimedia South Africa.


Below are some examples for possible small projects.

Writing competition for the Xhosa Wikipedia

  • Goal: Organise a article competition on the Xhosa Wikipedia. We ask Wikimedia South Africa to support the competition with a price, and to refund the cellphone costs of the organiser, and the postal costs to send the price to the winner.
  • Timing: the competition will run in November. Selection of the winners on the first of December. I will send the price around the 5th of December.
  • Budget: R1,000 price, R150 postal costs, R200 airtime. Total: R1,350.
  • People involved: 1 person will work on this for 3 hours

Software development on behalf of Wikimedia South Africa

Involving Bushman experts on Wikipedia

Organising a meeting of the Afrikaans wikipedia

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