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The "to do" list with links to what is being done.


Websites, articles and pages

Wikimania 2018 Cape Town Guidebook on Wikivoyage Please comment and contribute.

Logo proposals

Wikimania Cape Town Logo 1.png

Basic colour scheme shown. Options with yellow mountain for dark background, possibly others. Use SA flag colours where possible. Other suggestions and comments invited.

Wikimania Cape Town Logo 1y.png

Some text options. Colours can be modified as preferred

Wikimania Logo text 1.png
Wikimania Logo text 2.png
Wikimania Logo text 3.png
These look great, thanks Peter. I like the above (black) version the most. I like the simple 3 colour scheme. Would it be possible to share an .svg version on commons so we might be able to play around with it? Discott (talk) 14:48, 2 March 2017 (SAST)]]
No problem. Is it the colour or the text or both that you like. Mix and match until satisfactory. Pbsouthwood (talk) 14:21, 4 March 2017 (SAST)
Wikimania Logo text 4.png
svg Source file for Wikimania 2018 logo proposals. Sometimes the svg does not display accurately on-wiki, particularly text. I have no idea why.

T-shirt logo for staff/volunteers

Wikimania Cape Town crew T-shirt

It will be the middle of winter. Do we offer long sleeve or hoodies? We will want the crew to wear their shirts to identify themselves, so either a warm enough shirt or a large enough size to wear over other clothes.

Planning team and focus-groups

Members: Wikimania 2018 team

See Wikimania Handbook: Team for definitions/explanation

  • Lead Coordinator:
  • Press Contact:
  • Sponsor Coordinator:
  • Volunteer Coordinator:
  • Program Committee:
  • Hackathon/IT coordinator:


  • Dumi
  • Douglas
  • David?



(also involves community outreach)

  • David can help
  • Rossouw is interested


(can be hosted on meta, but could as well have subdomain on the Wikimania server )

Wikimania 2018 website sandbox
  • Peter can help, e.g. with a CT introduction. (article started on English Wikivoyage: Do we put on other languages?}
  • Rossouw is also keen to help with this.
  • Coenraad can help with tech things

  • Peter and Douglas
  • Can use old bid logo in the interim.
  • See above for suggested logo

Intro video

  • Needs to be ready for Wikmania Montreal.
  • Wesgrow can help with stock footage.
  • Douglas can capture video footage, including with drone.
  • Can get help from Victor Grigas.

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