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  • Dumisani Ndubane
  • Douglas Scott
  • David Richfield

Review and approval of agenda


Approval of previous meeting minutes (23-05-25-BoardMeeting)


State of Wikimedia ZA

  • WikiIndaba postoned to Feb 2014.
  • WLM 2013 on track.
  • The board intends to bid for Wikimania to be held in Cape Town in 2015.
  • Joburgpedia pilot approaching close-out stages; awaiting mayoral vote for expansion.
  • Normalisation of legal status still in progress (negotiations with ex board members and Auditworks still in progress).
  • Audit is required: auditors need trial balance. Issue raised to board for comment.

Nominations of directors to fill board vacancies

  • Dumisani nominates Bobby Shabangu. Seconded by David. Dumisani to contact Bobby.
  • Solicit for more directors among editing community.

Update on Directors registrations (CIPRO)

  • New documentation required after discussion with Auditworks.
  • Document to be circulated for signatures by David.
  • Resignation letters of Ian and Charlene are still required according to Auditworks as individually signed minutes are apparently not sufficient. In progress.
  • Douglas to find a second opinion on this matter.
  • Current Wikimedia ZA directors should open a new bank account as soon as possible to enable us to continue our operation in the interim: It is resolved that Dumisani Ndubane and Douglas Scott shall open a bank account in the name of the chapter.

Projects and Outreach for 2013

See above.

Next Meeting

Date to be arranged on the mailing list.


Board member Signature Date
Dumisani Ndubane 12 August 2013
Douglas Scott 12 August 2013
David Richfield 12 August 2013
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