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  • Douglas Scott (CPT)
  • Dumisani Ndubane (CT)
  • David Richfield (JHB)
  • Apologies: Mohau, Maarten


  • WMZA Directors has 5 members. A quorum is present: 60% of 5.

Approval of previous meeting minutes (13-01-12-Minutes)

  • Previous minutes approved.

Review and approval of agenda

  • Agenda was approved.

State of Wikimedia ZA

  • WMZA to start peer review with other chapters, WMDE; WMUK(Fae) and WMCH and WMDC(James Hare).

Ammendment of Registration

  • David to check that all directors have reponded on the change of directors. Then next step is to pass these on to schnider and Associates for them to ammend the registrations with the registrar of companies.
  • A week to get all documentation by David.
  • A week for Schneider to pass on documents through to registrar of companies.
  • A week for registrar of companies to respond.
  • Then FNB to ammend signatories. David to check with bank on maximum number of signatories.

Report back from Milan

  • David and Dumisani to complete report back from Milan.

Projects and Outreach for 2013


  • Plaques are in manufacture and due to be airfreighted to SA by the end of May.
  • Sort out or confirm venues for editathon events with CoJ and JHF.
  • Set up geonotices for Editathons on wikipedia, to keep practicing with this.
  • Use JHF portal to invite people, discuss this with James Ball.
  • Douglas to begin writting up the pamphlets. Dumi and David to assist. To be ready by end of the month.
  • Propose start using funds available while waiting on grant approval.

Wiki Indaba 2013

Collaboration with Open Society Foundation

  • Funding proposal to cover:
    • Hiring of one staff for administrative duties and fundraising.
    • Paying for consultation session with administrative employee (Two people - to be rotated).
    • Pay for Mirjam Proposal Writer application fee (17%) on commission.
  • Funding proposal completed by Mirjam and to be submitted. David to review and check registration details.

Wiki Loves Metro


Wiki Loves Monuments

  • Preparations to begin.
  • Meeting with Heritage Western Cape; Wikimedia ZA and Africa Centre on 28/05/2012 Douglas will represent WMZA. To dicuss involvement in this year's competition.

Lourie's Involvement with WMZA

  • To discuss further involvement with chapter during Cape town wiki meet up.

Cape Town Wiki Meetup

  • Please use the FB event to invite CT based friends for the event.

Next Meeting

  • 30-May-2013: Time to be confirmed.


Discussion to be followed on the etherpad.

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