Board Meeting 16 January 2019

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WMZA Board Meeting



  • Adri Baard
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Coenraad Loubser
  • Douglas Scott
  • Ian Gilfillan
  • Michael Graaf
  • Raymond Ellis
  • Rossouw van Rooyen


Wikipedia's birthday User Oesjaar


  • Biltong package (Who?)
  • Tweet (Ian)
  • Was mentioned in a FB post
  • Personal call
  • Find a list of local users
  • Website post (Douglas)
  • Douglas proposes Deon co-opted on to board
    • Adri seconds, all in agreement

Brief on Zulip/jitsi

  • Some points of difficulty raised - integration, especially with GOogle, notifications
  • Zulip does allow control over notifications, will stick with it and use more extensively to test, dealing with problems as they arise

Survey for 2019

  • 5 years since last survey
  • Questions can be mostly the same
  • Douglas hoping to see April - May - June period (same as last time for comparison purposes)
  • Requires liaising with WMF
  • Douglas to initiate

Bquest administrators

Separate meeting to be set up to go through the proposed tasks and subsequent costs

Progress on APG application

  • Bobby and Douglas met with WMF to discuss stumbling block, Joburgpedia
  • WMF cannot give us grant until Joburgpedia is closed. Still unanswered questions about finances, expenses, what money was left
  • Dispute is on how much is owed to WMF. Douglas believed it was closed. WMF expects $1779. Dumi thinks it is less, perhaps even $0. Dumi needs to sit with WMF

Afrikaans writing contest brief

Question about user from Elandskop Museum

  • Request for laptop and camera
  • suggestion to refer to 2nd hand goods programme
  • Coenraad has a donated laptop he fixed; will also look for local sponsors, opportunity to do a small project and get some articles up?
  • Ask Dumi for the laptops he has
  • Bobby: Have to ensure that she contributes free content - we have a long list of people waiting for laptops, who contribute to free content
  • Adri to request user names so we can look up contribution history

20 mins Paybook demonstration

  • Meeting adjourned to have 20m demo by Paybook

Did not have time for further items

2019 Year of the Indigenous Languages

Namibian user

Concept Note for STB Hackathon

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