Board Meeting 17 April 2019

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Wikimedia ZA Board meeting - 17 April 2019


  • Douglas
  • Adri
  • Coenraad
  • Raymond
  • Michael
  • Rossouw


  • Deon
  • Ian
  • Bobby


Brief on Copyright meeting with Minister Davis and Mthethwa

The bill has been passed by Parliament and has been moved to President Ramaphosa to sign before 7 May. Douglas is going to write an opinion piece asap, before end of the week.

WMZA tax situation

We owe R1,500 in taxes as we're not a NPO. We need to resubmit a NPO application. Douglas to start on it this weekend. Payment has been requested from the Misc Grant Expenses. Douglas foresees that this will be approved as it's a core admin payment.

Douglas running for Affiliates Selected

Part the Foundation Board. 2 seats are selected by Chapters and 2 by the Community. The round for nominating people to enter is now open. Douglas needs to submit his application and clarify nomination procedure. If elected, then Douglas will need to step down from the ZA board. The board discussed, and are still supportive for Douglas's nomination.


Michael raised that the hackathon needs to be postponed due to technical problems. New dates to be announced soon. Coenraad and Michael to meet after the meeting to discuss options offline

Moleskine Foundation partnership - Lorenzo joined the session at 19:45

Based in Milan, Program manager, former teacher and experience in buildig communities with teachers WikiAfrica a former offshoot of Moleskine, while Moleskine focuses on education Ongoing programme with many sponsors, fulcrum of programme on October 5, World teachers' day, 100 teachers, 50 students expected Top items where help needed from chapter: Teacher training - already have some trainers - need to collaboratively explore budget for this Wikipedian in residence - to curate content More coordination with chapter Back-up and follow-up - support group for teachers to reach out to Scouting out and getting at least 30 Wikipedians to the event Content of communications campaign - chapter needs to speak with one voice, Lorenzo can mediate Ongoing teacher training - as a paid position Douglas: Meetups and rallies Getting 20 editors might be ambitious, only 400 in SA, suggest aim for 10 Wikipedian in residence gets paid to support and cultivate editing, not edit themselves Meta wikipedian in residence Can coordinate on "general outreach" and "African language outreach" Eg. Model: Partner gets people to event, we run it vs we get a space and we get people there

Update on WikiLovesAfrica 2019

Top 10 entries from SA are being submitted to the main jury tomorrow. Top 3 SA entries have been selected and need to be announced.

Moved to next meeting: Brief on 2019 Wikimedia Summit When and how to announce SA Winners of WLA 2019.

Previous Minutes:

  • Grant -Douglas will be meeting with Winifred from WMF tomorrow at 7pm
  • Douglas will send out Google invite to all interested
  • Reason we didn't get grant last year was unresolved issues from Joburgpedia, and the need to add *smart objectives to proposal.
  • Douglas requested feedback on the current proposal, in particular the objectives
  • The remainder of the meeting was spent going over the grant proposal. Unfortunately connectivity *issues brought a premature end to everything, but we will continue to give feedback to Douglas.
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