Board Meeting 20 February 2019

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WMZA Board Meeting - 20 February 2019



  • Rosssouw
  • Coenraad
  • Adri
  • Douglas
  • Raymond
  • Michael (intermittently)


  • Ian



Wiki Loves Africa update

  • 200 ZA entries so far, last year 647 in total
  • Press releases have gone out, Vivian from ORMS agreed to be a judge
  • There's another event on at UCT that day
  • Approval on WLA prizes - $200 total - seconded by Douglas & Raymond, no objections

Weekend of 22nd Feb

  • History students will learn to contribute to Wikipedia
  • UCT Main library 10:00 - 16:00 - Ulwazi room

Native language Wikipedias

  • Promote, promote, promote

Wikimedia design outreach

  • Feb 25th. No time yet, Adri recommends after 10:00, to follow up

Payfast link on website

  • Seems to have expired, Coenraad raised with Buntu
  • Fixed!

Remote secretary service 2nd

  • Buntu will coordinate meeting with Coenraad & Douglas

Wikindaba 2020

  • Applications close on March 4th
  • Strong hosts have been Ghana, Tunisia, 2014 ZA Johannesburg.... Help with hosting? Egypt, Namibia, ZA Durban, Cote'd'Ivore, Nigeria, Windhoek, Tanzania
  • WikiIndaba committee, Board chaired by Tunisia; Dumi founding role; Funded by WMF
  • Rossouw to apply for Namibia, supported by WMZA.
  • Opportunity to launch a Wikimedia User Group Namibia? Supported by all

Prizes for competitions and events

  • Douglas proposes: WMZA policy to make clear to event organizers that they do not qualify or prizes. Seconded by Rossouw. No Objections.

Meet re WMF Grant application

  • Open invitation to everyone to join, taken up by Rossouw & Coenraad

AF writing competitions

  • July, day tbc - writers week
  • December 15

WIkimania Scholarships from WMZA budget

  • 14-18 August
  • Scholarship writing application workshop? Liaise with David.
  • WMF Grant application - 2 scholarships from ZA chapter, if grant application successful can allocate on 1st of June by which date we will know the budget

Next meetings

  • March 6
  • March 20
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