Board Meeting 23 January 2018

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First board meeting of 2018. Tuesday, 23 January 2018 and time 19:00 - 20:45



  • Bobby
  • Douglas
  • Ian
  • Raymond
  • Coenraad
  • Deon

Chapter's funds

  • Annual grant approved, to go into Std. bank account
  • Bank account admin - bank account was disabled due to non use, Douglas attending
    • ACTION: Bobby to talk to bank about
  • APG (Annual Plan Grant)
  • R25k from Misc to APG
  • Ghana issue
  • ZA chapter paid to attend Ghana Wikiindaba(?). ~R9000
  • We were expecting reimbursement, but WikiIndaba had no funds, we were hoping for reimbursement from the Foundation
    • ACTION: Bobby to collect all reciepts from Ghana trip for everyone for reimbursment
  • To ask Dumi about reimbursement arrangement.
  • Joburgpedia digitization project
    • Amount to be paid to Gille de Vlieg : - + R 10 000
    • To be paid from the 'unforseen costs' line item in the APG


  • Appointing someone to head the scholarships to be given to South African based attendees and create a support team for that.
  • Largest part of our grant (~R120 000) for these scholarships (12 scholarships)
  • Scholarships team
    • Bobby (team leader)
    • Ian
    • Deon
    • ACTION: (whole) ask David R to help advise the process of giving out scholarships
    • Process: Designing callout (let people know in SA about the scholarships) -> design a process to award the scholarships -> putting up a banner add (universal banner in SA, talk to Josephe Seddon) -> Reviewing applications -> notifying succesful applications -> making sure that they get scholarships (Ellie about making sure they get hotel bookings and pay for airfare)
  • 6th Feb meeting, following to be done:
    • Callout notification
    • Having a process for evaluation of applications
    • Start the process of getting those banners up in South Africa
    • Getting David R involved (Martin as backup if David unavailable)
    • Currently the ticket price is set to R500 for Wikimania registration.

List of local projects/events the chapter has for 2018


  • American Corner monthly events - details at:
    • Need someone to cover for me (Douglas) for the events on the 17 March 2018 & 21 April 2018
    • Raymond to cover for 17 March 2018
    • We have a banner there, and Douglas has Truth coffee vouchers
  • Durban Editathon
    • Liaise with a library
    • Also need Wi-Fi or a hotspot & laptops


  • First meetup in Cape Town - Sunday, 4th March 2018
  • Second Cape Town Meetup - Sunday, 6th May 2018


  • Goethe institute
    • Connect with WMDE (Maarten) for ZA context sponsorships
  • Red Hat
  • Ubiquiti
  • Media partnerships?
    • Deon relationship with RSG, Maroela Media


  • Media report of Wikipedia "hacked" - Bobby compiled a response to 4 newspapers, response from 1 but unpublished
  • need a faster media response <24h
    • ACTION: Bobby to post media reply on website and media accounts.
  • Bobby nominated for WMZA PR/Media Liaison?
  • Social Media
    • Raymond currently monitoring our social media pages, Bobby is admin
    • Need to consider Youtube and Twitter too
    • Separate Wikimania FB group + Twitter created during an editathon
    • Try to remove 2015 Wikimania twitter page



  • Mpho, Coenraad, and Michael Graaf to attend on WMZA behalf

Douglas to go as Wikimania rep


  • Douglas applied
  • Coenraad applied
  • Mohau applied
  • Bobby applied

Other relevant events


Report / miscellaneous

  • 6th February 2018, 19:00
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