Board Meeting 25 September 2019

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Time: 12h30



  • Coenraad
  • Adri
  • Rossouw
  • Michael
  • Raymond


  • Bobby
  • Douglas
  • Deon
  • Ian

Cape Town Wikimedia 2030 Strategy recommendation update

  • Banner ad
  • Did you know that Wikipedia is available in Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu?
  • The banner links to those language wikipedias.
  • There is a banner in that language (need translations) that says "Did you know that you can edit Wikipedia? Find out more here".
  • This links to a How-To page
  • Note to track views and clickthroughs.

Update on Johannesburg Moleskin 5th October workshop

  • For the strategy session:
    • Welcome Wagon:
    • Every time a new person signs up to Wikipedia in your country, they get a personalised email from the Welcome Wagon person with their local contact's email address. This will make people feel welcome and give them recourse when there is an edit person. This can be a paid position.
    • Bootcamps for new members. When there are enough people interested, you organise the bootcamp.

Update on Johannesburg Moleskin 5th October workshop

  • List on social channels - today

Update WikimediaZA SA Survey

  • Douglas to feedback on this item

Update on Website, domain and Media monitoring

  • Bobby and Douglas to feedback

Johannesburg book club edit workshop

  • Bobby to feedback

Afrikaans Skryfweek - Expanding on articles on topic Namibia


  • Live Stream should be available.
  • 8, 14, 15 December
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