Board Meeting 27 October 2020

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Wikimedia South Africa board meeting on the 27 October 2020



  • Adri
  • Coenraad
  • Douglas
  • Michael
  • Rossouw


  • Deon
  • Wynand
  • Ian
  • Bobby


Annual General Meeting 2020 preparations - 28 November 2020

  1. Notifications:
    1. Zoom account has been requested. Waiting on Derrick for confirmation.
    2. ADRI to add to Facebook
    3. DOUGLAS to email the list tomorrow
    4. ADRI to setup a RSVP Google form link. Ask if they are a chapter member with a link to how to become one.
    5. Add to form, do they need/want a data bundle?
    6. Note you cannot vote if you're not a member.
    7. ADRI to boost the event on FB
    8. Presentation to be prepared
    9. Derrick to prepare financials
  2. Closer to event:
    1. Send Agenda + Minutes from 2019 AGM
  3. Next Meeting: What should the AGM Agenda be?
    1. Draft email for nominations for Board and Presidency - DOUGLAS
    2. Notification on Social Media Channels needed - IAN + ADRI

Wikipedia 20th Birthday - January

  1. Need to setup a Zoom event - DOUGLAS
  2. Create a media pack - DOUGLAS
  3. In the invitation ask if the person would like a data bundle

African language support

  1. Michael has been in contact with Papa from Moleskin. Michael is going to send him a reminder re the MOU.
  2. Still to be done: Identify potential language champions.

Sharing the Administrator job position

  1. The post has been sent out, please all share with your connections.

WikiScience 2021

  1. Will need to get in touch with Science Community to inform them (this would need to happen now).
  2. Bake it into the next grant application
  3. We need to decide if we want to go ahead with this as it will take a lot of commitment and engagement with the universities.


  1. The Wikimedia Foundation Board are overhauling the board and are proposing to make the board larger and change the composition.
  2. This is open for comments at the moment.
  3. Douglas has commented that he is concerned that there are too many appointed people on the board and more appointed people than volunteers, which increases disconnection. Can certain skill sets not be covered by community members.
  4. DOUGLAS to add this news to our FB page.

Next meeting date

  1. 10 November

Agenda next time

  1. Agenda for AGM
  2. WikiScience.
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