Board Meeting 30 July 2019

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  • Ian
  • Adri
  • Douglas
  • Coenraad
  • Bobby (19:45)


  • Michael Graaf
  • Deon Steyn
  • Rossouw


Previous Minutes:

Youth Strategy Salon - UCT - 3 August at 10-12

Bobby needs to send Adri the simplified questions. Themes: Diversity and Capacity Building JHB Salon will be happening on Friday 2 August.

Budget for Cape Town and Johannesburg: $400 Budget for Cape Town: R1100

Adri to send CPT Event copy to Ian for Twitter.

Climate Change: 6 - 8 August Douglas and Reuben to parttake, present and oversee South-south-north (NPO) are sponsoring and organising the event Expecting 40 people Ian and Michael have also offered to help out.

Copywrite event: 8 August

Douglas will be attending

Request put in to the board for 2 x Wikimania tickets to be sponsored from left over budget on the 2 Winning Grants given.

Ian and Douglas approved this motion.

Adri put the idea out for an Afrikaans article competition for 100,000 artcles (not stubs)

-Further conversation to be had when Deon and Rossouw are available

CPT Meetup: 10 am at Truth Coffee

- Adri to add to FB + Mailing list - Douglas to send a reminder to all the subscribers.

Having meetings over lunch time.

Adri to setup and give it a try

WikiAfrica Workshop - 4 hour workshop.

They would like to do it in mid-August, but half of board will be at Wikimania. An alternative date needs to be found.

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