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Wikimedia ZA meeting minutes.

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Meeting Planner


17 November 2012, 13h00 to 17h00 and 18 November 2012, 9h00 to 11h00.


Premier Hotel O.R. Tambo



  • Mohau Monaledi


  • Review and approval of agenda
  • Proposal of code of discipline for board members was discussed (see matters arising)

Approval of previous meeting minutes (2012-09-01-Minutes)

  • Isla will send us the complete, final and signed MOU with Africa Centre

Quality Management

Filing System review and adoption

  • Dumisani is reviewing the filing system that has been set up on Google Drive
  • Meeting agrees to keep on using Google Drive
  • 3 levels of filing:
    • Top level tree, divided into 10 sections (discussed in meeting).
    • Each project will duplicate the top level structure, to hold project-specific info, while non project-specific info goes into the main structure.
    • Dumisani has created and documented a file-naming system.
    • Most important point: use descriptive file names, put them in the right folders.
    • Douglas suggested Archive folders within each project folder, but Google Docs does archiving with versions.
    • Secretary shall be responsible for Archiving of the files every second month.

Membership Management

  • R30 membership fee is for the calendar year.
  • From previous minutes (etherpad): 9 people enrolled of which 2 (Mohau and Blessing) paid for 2 years
  • Financial Managment (reimbursement, approval system)
  • All requests for membership should be posted to the WMZA mailing list, either by the requester or by someone who has become aware of the request through other channels.
  • Secretary will update the membership list on the Wikimedia ZA wiki, including the list of who's paid.
  • Members will be encouraged to use EFT for payments of membership fees.

Membership benefits

  • Voting rights
  • Make yourself available as director
  • Support the Wikipedia organisation

Legal issues and chapter setup

Company registration update feedback

  • In progress: Mohau is working on it. Lourie will follow up with Mohau and Snijders & Associates to get a letter to show change of of directors and this will be used to get control of the FNB account.
  • Charlene never communicated with the board in any official way after her ejection as director, either to acknowledge or contest it.
  • She has, however, communicated with Wikimedia Chapters (Bence Damokos) to request that she be re-subscribed to the chapters list, a requirement of which is directorship of a chapter.
  • She was made aware of this requirement by Bence by email, and still persisted in requesting to be re-subscribed.
  • This seems to be a misrepresentation on her part. David will send her a letter to ensure that she has been officially notified that she should not represent herself as a member of the WMZA board in any way.
  • Lourie will reply to Bence to clarify the situation.

Public Benefit Organization (PBO) registration

  • WMZA is registered as a not-for-profit organisation.
  • We can apply for Section 18A tax exemption from SARS after registering as a PBO.
  • Lourie to get company profile from Snijders and Associates and clarify our situation and our track towards PBO and tax exemption.

2013 Annual Plan

Office Setup planning

  • Office setup will be mooted as and when the projects require centralised management.
  • Use free meeting room options with partners as much as possible (ITOCA, The Africa Centre).
  • Use "hub" style shared office spaces as needed for projects.

Human resource planning

  • We will likely get support for full-time staff after we've showed a track record of serious attempts at serious projects.

Funding mechanisms planning

  • Unlikely to fund ourselves significantly through membership.
    • Look for members in universities: set up student chapters, take percentage to get a few hundred members.
    • David will create a membership form, we will use every event as a membership drive.
    • Dumisani suggested that we apply to the DBE/DHE to fund schools and university projects. It was posed that this is a good idea, but the DBE/DHE are under pressure, and not very effective right now. However it is a good idea to look out for a call for proposals for education grants.

Wiki Loves monuments Report

  • Financial reporting
  • Review of completion and report writing planning
  • 2013 Planning Committee setup (item moved to agenda for the 12th January 2013)

Complete WLM reporting

We have 3 months. Need to do financial reporting and also the descriptive piece explaining what we did and what we were not able to do.

  • 1 December to get all the invoices (Maarten).
  • Mid December, Maarten will complete the financial report.
  • First draft of report by 14 December.
  • Dumisani will report on the awards ceremony and the "how we did it and what we achieved".
  • Douglas will do the part about the breakdown of photos and judging process.
  • During that time, there cannot be grant requests for more projects.

Train the Trainer feedback

Deferred due to lack of time.

2014 Wikimania Bid Planning

Reviewing locations


  • Upside: The CTICC has been very helpful and they make hosting the event easy. Fill internet access with an option to bring in higher band width. Also has a desirable central location. They have an auditorium that can seat over 1,600 people
  • Down side: They are quite expensive, have a quote for just under R500,000 for the duration of confrence.That is a fixed budget expenditure.


  • Upisde: would likely be cheaper and in a very scenic place that is reasonably close to the CBD
  • Downside: lackes the built in amenaties and proxsimitary to the Cape Town CBD that the CTICC has and has very limited expericance of hosting these sorts of events. Doulgas is still making contact with UCT so it is still an unknown how interested they are in hosting such an event. Not clear if they have an adiquately large lecture venue to host the plenary

2013 Chapter Calendar Planning and Project Proposals

Small languages development proposal

  • Should be done via monthly meetups and planned weekend editathons
  • Dumisani has a setup that he wants to implement in Gauteng between Feb and Nov.
  • Base meeting point will be at Wits university. Planning 5 languages, 2 editors per language + activating translation groups.


  • Cape Town is the only option which can win.
  • Deadlines are somewhere in March.
  • Organisational capacity will be a constraint, but we will hire staff with support from WMF.
  • Will get support from Cape Town City.
  • We will only bid if we have a unanimous decision.
  • Maarten has serious concerns which need to be addressed before he will vote in favour:
    • Manpower, WMZA is a small organisation. What is the necessary core team to address this concern?
    • We might get many "tourist" Wikimedians who mainly represent the existing languages and cultures, instead of getting proper representation of under-represented languages. We need a strategy to specifically address this.
  • Idea: preconference event (eg. Wiki Take Jozi), get people in the train to Cape Town.
  • Isla has ideas for funding sources:
    • Artists moves Africa can help
    • Prince Claus Fund can help pay for transport
    • MacArthur foundation (did the CC Africa conference)
    • NHC grants
    • Contacts at Emirates.
  • Must meet again to get a decision by the end of 2012.
  • Review competing bids.
  • Do risk analysis.

Africa Wiki Indaba

  • Must do this before Wikimania to prove our capabilities and get a realistic view of Wikimania requirements
  • Combine with Wiki Loves Monuments. WLM prizegiving at conference closing event.
  • Do it in November in JHB.
  • Hold physical meeting in Cape Town in mid January, will propose 12 Jan on mailing list. Also decide on Wikimania bid in this meeting.

Wiki Loves Metro

  • Run in JHB metro and/or Ekurhuleni Metro.
  • Preload articles from WikiData
  • Article editing contest over 2 months.
  • Focus on secondary schools because they will have better writing skills and computer access.
  • Metro sponsors prizes for the winning schools.
  • Tie in the Ten Volunteers.
  • Do between June and Sept as buildup to WLM.

QR-code tagging of JHB city tours

  • Tagging of existing Heritage Society city tours.
  • Contact James Ball
  • Jan-Jun
  • Isla will follow up with James on UP built environment dept.

GLAM projects

  • Unversity of Fort Hare has Liberation Archives.
    • PAC/Azapo has released info to Fort Hare, so we can work with Prof. Wothyela (Mar - May)
    • Try getting a Wikipedian in Residence: Fort Hare is willing to do 50:50 funding ratio.
    • Isla will send out a call, try to train volunteers.
  • Steve Biko Foundation
    • Steve Biko Museum is willing to release some of their archives to Wikimedia.
    • Dumisani will work on this April - June.
    • WikiAfrica can help with batch uploads.
    • Publicise in A Month In GLAM.
  • Wits University Archives
    • Their Marketing manager is interested in donating high quality photos of sensitive monuments (inc. Jan Smuts Collection).
    • Dumisani wants to work on this Feb - Apr

Train the Trainer

  • Follow up with trainees from first training and finish reprort by end Dec.
  • Arrange one for 2013 for middle of year, dates TBC.
  • Apply for funding from WMF through WMZA.

Activating universities

  • Activate student unions for editathons
  • Activate lecturers and Heads of Departments to give assigments on Wikipedia

WikiAfrica Primary Schools Project

  • Feasibility study to be completed soon.

WikiAfrica "Infecting the city" public arts festival

  • Activate a "Wiki Loves Cape Town": write up public spaces, and tag with QR codes; learn from MonmouthPedia.
  • Make easy-release stickers with [edit], stick them on historic things.

Small projects support: funding sources

  • Regranting system: We get a source of funds (e.g. from WMF) which we can use for small projects.
  • Dumisani and Isla are membors of the WMF "Flow funding" pilot project: they will use this to fund projects.
  • Use the term "competitions" to solicit grant applications for small grants (e.g. "win a camera" for best grant proposal)
  • Workshops for winning groups (e.g. winning school; Municipality can sponsor prizes) - needs a lot of work from us!
  • For schools projects, one of the issues is that it is hard to edit Wikipedia: need funding to support training efforts.

Matters arising

  • Webpages servers migration (From Lourie's personal Server)
  • Webpage Management (How to manage and edit Wikimedia ZA web page, Facebook and Twitter Accounts)
  • Closing of the bank account with WikiAfrica, and moving the remaining funds to the WM
  • Final response to actions taken by Charlene

Code of discipline

  • Draft set up by Maarten (BoardCode).
  • Levels of approval discussed and agreed in meeting.
  • Record-keeping discussed and agreed in meeting
  • Refer to Wikimedia travel policy. Members should get lowest fare at the time of notification of travel requirement.
  • Maarten will make a members code as well, and it will be very nice.
  • Because we intend to increase our membership numbers, we should change item 6.3 of our bylaws to relax the quorum requirements for members' meetings. This must be added to the 2013 AGM agenda.

Next Meetings

12 January 2013 (Cape Town)

  • Full day session.
  • Decision on WikiIndaba 2013 and Wikimania 2014.
  • Start planning for WLM 2013 (including report on WLM 2012).
  • Discuss financial compensation for directors taking time off work to work on projects.
  • Approve new director (will solicit applications before meeting).

AGM in September 2013

  • Because we intend to increase our membership numbers, we should change item 6.3 of our bylaws to relax the quorum requirements for members' meetings. Other agenda points to follow.
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