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Wikimedia meetup in Cape Town with Asaf hosted by Wikimedia ZA.

Due to the other commitments by volunteers this year relatively few meetups were held for the Wikimedia/Wikipedia community in South Africa this year. The most notable event were two meetups hosted to welcome Asaf Bartov from the Wikimedia Foundation who was in South Africa in May 2018 to help build local technical capacity. An event was held in Johannesburg at the Goethe Institut and another in Cape Town at the Code4Africa offices. Chapter members and editors were able to socialise and learn about the powerful tools that WikiData offers the community and connect with new partner organisations.


Wikimedia ZA hosted a number of outreach events throughout 2018. Some of them were in support of Wikimanai 2018 such as the water sustainability editathon whilst others were done independently as part of our strategy to increase awareness and participation in editing Wikipedia amongst the general public. Thereby promoting the concept of free knowledge.

Durban activation

See also | Expanding Wikipedia to KwaZulu Natal

In May 2018 chapter board member Bobby Shabangu traveled to Durban as part of the Wikimedia outreach activity to KwaZulu-Natal. It was decided at the chapter's 2017 AGM that there was a need to bring chapter activities to that region in an attept to connect with existing Wikipedia editors there and build possible outreach partnerships. Bobby's report on the trip can be read here.

Education outreach

On the 27th October 2018 Wikimedia ZA co-hosted the WikiAfrica education outreach in partnership with the Moleskin Foundation. A big thank you goes out to our Johannesburg based volunteers for making this happen. Bobby and Dumisani in particular. It required real stamina to host an event like this and then attend the WMZA AGM only an hour or two later on the same day.

Learn more about the event here.

Design outreach

Participants in the Wikipedia design workshop hosted by Interactive Africa and Wikimedia ZA to aquatint designers with editing Wikipedia and encourage the expansion of design related articles.

Volunteers Reuben Honigwachs, Adri Baard, and Douglas Scott will be running a design outreach with Interactive Africa (organisers of Design Indaba) to expand and improve the number and quality of design related Wikipedia articles. As part of this event a preliminary Wikipedia training event was held on the 11th of April at the Interactive Africa offices to better aquatint designers with editing Wikipedia.

Water sustainability editathon

See also | Wikimania Water editathon

As part of Wikimania 2018 the chapter organised a water sustainability editathon with environmental activists and civil society. The event was hosted by Rossouw van Rooyen and George Gabriel. The event was held at on the 19th July and held at the Cape Town Tourism offices on Castle Street. Over 30 people attended ranging from veteran Wikipedia editors to City of Cape Town water officials and experts. It was the offical editathon of Wikimania 2018.

Cape Town Wikipedia workshop

See American Corner Wikipedia workshops for 2018 for more details on this monthly event held in Cape Town. A special thanks goes out to Wikimedia ZA volunteer Reuben Honigwachs for co-hosting this event with Douglas.

Other outreach

Group photograph with Goodhope FM after recording an interview about the History Month outreach project with Wikimedia ZA and South African History Online.

Wikimedia ZA will be hosting an editathon on the 28th October 2018 to encourage medial professionals to edit Wikipedia at the World Congress of Audiology.

In September 2018 Wikimedia ZA was partnered up with Goodhope FM and South Africa History Online to improve the quality of Cape Town history related articles on Wikipedia. It was hosted to celebrate South African history month. This has evolved into an ongoing project. The event is being run by Douglas Scott (Wikimedia ZA) and Dan Corder (Goodhope FM).

Wikimania 2018

See also | Wikimania 2018
Wikimania 2018 group photograph.
Wikimedia ZA chapter members at Wikimania with Jimmy Wales and Katherien Maher.

Wikimania 2018 was the largest event that Wikimedia ZA has ever been involved with. The support of volunteer chapter members was instrumental in supporting Wikimania 2018. The event would not have been possible with out these dedicated volunteers and a special thanks is given to these volunteers.

The event had a very large impact on the chapter. Increasing membership by around 200%, increasing the involvement of chapter members through volunteering, and greatly increasing the profile of both Wikipedia and the chapter in South Africa and globally. It also gave a unique platform for chapter members and other Wikipedia editors (and other Wikimedia projects) to meet face-to-face for the first time.

Wikimania 2018 also presented a special opportunity to build new possible outreach partnerships.

Other than hosting Wikimania 2018 the chapter played a large role in supporting South African Wikipedia editors to attend Wikimania by awarding 15 scholarships to attend the event. An additional 2 scholarships were awarded by the Goether Institute which were managed by Wikimedia ZA.

The chapter would especially like to thank the following chapter members for volunteering during Wikimania 2018:

  • Douglas Scott (Discott) - lead organiser of Wikimania 2018
  • Raymond Ellis (Raymond Ellis)- Volunteer coordinator
  • Bobby Shabangu (Bobbyshabangu) - Scholarships and outreach
  • Coenraad Loubser - Video streaming and Wifi quality assurance
  • Ian Gilfillan (Greenman)- Hackathon support
  • Liebe Brand (LiebeB) - Impact monitoring
  • Rossouw van Rooyen (Dumbassman) - Water editathon organiser and "Learn to edit Wikipedia desk" support
  • Dumisani Ndubane (Thuvack)
  • Adri Baard
  • Michael Graaf
  • Peter Southwood
  • Jessy Appavoo Moodelly - Community Village
  • Andy Rabagliati (Wizzy)


Wikimedia ZA attending a hearing in Parliament on the drafting on the South African copyright bill in 2018.

Wikimedia ZA has been involved in advocacy efforts to amend the South Africa Copyright Act since 2014 when the chapter made an official submission to the Department of Trade and Industry calling for Freedom of Panorama in South Africa. In August 2017 Wikimedia ZA was invited to make an official presentation to parliament on the importance of Freedom of Panorama in South Africa. In November 2017 Wikimedia ZA elected to expand these activities to also support the call for Fair Use in South Africa. In mid-2018 and at Wikimania 2018 a number of events were hosted by Wikimedia ZA to support the call for both Fair Use and Freedom of Panorama in South Africa. Wikimedia ZA has sat in on a number of parliamentary hearings on the reform of the copyright bill.

Currently things look promising as both Fair Use and Freedom of Panorama are included in the current draft bill of the amended Copyright Act. In September 2018 a representative of Wikimedia ZA attended the 5th Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest so as to further support copyright reform efforts. The bill still needs to come up for a vote before parliament before being enacted into law. This is expected to happen within the next couple of months but the time frame is still uncertain. The president of Wikimedia South Africa (Douglas Scott) has been leading these efforts.


Wikimedia South Africa's Annual General meeting on the 27th October 2018.

Wikimedia ZA hosted its Annual General Meeting for 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa on the 27th October. See the meeting minutes. The meeting was well attended with many people attending both physically and digitally. About one third of attendees attended digitally. The main focus of the AGM was on future projects for 2019. A new board was elected and it was decided to try and hire two staff members based on the grant from the Wikimedia Foundation for 2019.


Wikimedia ZA has two accounts. One dedicated to receiving and utilising funds from the Wikimedia Foundation and another for all other chapter related activities. The chapter has received a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation for the 2018 year (1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018) totalling R263,900.

As of the 20th October 2018 Wikimedia ZA had spent a total of R210,294 in support of chapter activities. Almost all of this money came from a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation for the year 2018. A smaller portion of this amount (R64,172.60) also came from the Wikimedia Foundation but was independent of the grant as it was given so as to assist in Wikimania related expenses not budgeted in the grant.

As of the 23th October 2018 there was a total of R1,763.29 in the chapter account most of which is from donations and chapter membership fees.

Currently Wikimedia ZA has no staff or contractor costs and is entirely run by volunteers.

Header text Notes Amount spent*
Activity costs Catering costs R1,050
Durban activation Travel and accommodation costs to meet with Wikipedia editors in Durban. R10,000
Meetings Mostly for 27th October events & AGM R27,000
Wikimania scholarships For 15 South Africans to attend Wikimania 2018 R81,155
Wikimania support Wikimania grant from the WMF R64,172.60
Operating costs Website, dropbox, printing, postal R3,471.79
Accountants & bookkeepers Still have to pay for our 2018 audit R19,674.13
Bank fees R3,771.31
Total R210,294

'*' = amount spent as of 20 October 2018

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